About us

Bonjour Brioche is a small new Cafe in West Kensington that produces the finest quality cakes, breakfast, lunch and brunch. (ALL DAY BREAKFAST)

Every single day, before dawn even thinks about cracking, our bakers are cracking eggs, mixing, and baking away so you can have a completely new selection of delicious goodies. Where most bakeries are content to simply “bake” on site (AKA freezer-to-oven bakeries), we do all of our baking from raw ingredients in small batches. For this reason, much of our selection is completely different every single day based on what’s in season. Here’s some of the fun stuff that we do:

Hand-made individual Tarts!
These are like mini hand pies made with a flaky pie dough, made fresh everyday, and filled with whatever’s in season. Flavors range from triple berry jam in the summer, to pumpkin pie filling in the fall and chocolate ganache in the winter. These sell out fast so get here early.

Granola and Breakfast Bars
Who said healthy and delicious have to be mutually exclusive? We make our granola and breakfast bars on site from nuts, berries, honey, oats, and other magical energy boosters. They’re the perfect grab-and-go breakfast food for when you’re headed to work or out on your morning jog and need that extra boost of energy without all the guilt.

We always have our three basic gourmet flavors of cupcakes, which are Yellow, Red Velvet and Chocolate, available in our case everyday. Beyond that our bakers bake off extra batter from custom cakes which are new and different every week. Some weeks we might have pina colada cupcakes and another week we might have strawberries and champagne cupcakes. Our decorators are given the creative freedom to mix and match cupcakes and buttercream as they see fit. Stop by to see what we have today!-Cupcakes are also available with customized decorations if you order in advance.

Muffins, more hearty than cupcakes, also change with the seasons. In late spring we love making rhubarb muffins with rhubarb from the farmers market and in the fall we have a pumpkin streusel muffin that is to die for.

We always make our own cookie dough and our cookies are baked off fresh1 every morning. Our confetti sugar cookies are always popular with the colors changing with each passing holiday. Some of our other customer favorites are chocolate chunk cookies and vegan peanut butter cookies.

Red velvet
His is the holy grail of layer cakes. The most romantic, gorgeous, vibrant cake of all time. The “I can’t quite put my finger on the flavor” cake. Dense, yet soft‘n light. The sweet marriage of buttermilk and vanilla with a little cocoa on the side. Tall, dramatic, and completely covered in tangy cream cheese frosting. This, everyone, is one and only red velvet.

Carrot cake
The lightest and most enticingly moist carrot cake you will ever come across -just find a good hiding place for it!
Our bakers have perfected the art of baking cheesecake. Our cheesecakes are made from scratch with a shortbread cookie crust, we always have a few flavors available in our display case everyday. Our cheesecakes come in 9′′, and you can have a slice that you could share with one other person but only if you wanted to. Like the rest of our baked goods cheesecake flavors change with the seasons. Our summer favorite is coconut lime cheesecake while our cappuccino cheesecake is a year round delight.
Boston Brownies
Our brownies are probably the only thing we make that is always the same. If you’ve got a craving for some serious chocolate these brownies are for you. No messing around. Just a seriously chocolatey, fudgey brownie. Sometimes we spice things up and make hazelnuts chocolate brownies.
After we made it once customers came back looking for it and essentially demanded we always have our brioche a tete available. In addition to briochea tete we usually have one other brioche choosing from , raspberries brioche an even white chocolate brioche, Brioche is available by the slice or individual if you’re dining in or you can buy the whole loaf to take home to share (or not).
We also make french macarons. They are made using almond flour so they are gluten free. They are available in several flavors from plain vanilla, chocolate fudge to lemon curd. These are a special occasion item so it would be best to order these in advance.
Vegan Options
Whether you have an egg or dairy allergy or eating vegan is a lifestyle choice we always have vegan baked goods everyday. Options include at least one cookie, one muffin and one-two cupcake flavors. We occasionally make treats that are just dairy free, just ask us when you’re in next time.
Gluten Free Options
We are not a gluten free bakery so if you have a serious allergy please take caution when ordering. However, we do offer two items that are gluten free. Our chocolate fudge cake (flour less) and our macaroons are both gluten free.